Going Blue for World Children's Day

20 November 2018

Today (20 November 2018), is a date that is recognised by UNICEF as a day for children, by children, and celebrated by countries across the world.

Although some parents might feel like every day is about their little one, we agree one more can't hurt. Today is World Children's Day, and we're going blue in support, and in celebration of the little people in our lives.

I've got three children, and I love being their mum. I really enjoy my job too - I'm an accountant - so striking the right balance between work and home is important for my children and for me. I'm really lucky that Lynsey and Clare advocate flexible working - it means I can be "professional me" during the day, but I still have plenty of opportunities to be mummy and spend quality time with my children during the week.

I asked my 9-year old son, Aaron, what he likes best about me being able to pick him up from school most days. I'm not too surprised that the answer involved playing and food (he's a 9-year old boy after all!). He says "It means we can go to the park sometimes and have tea at home together." It's more than that for me - I'm still there for him when he needs me, and I'm part of his life every day. Not all parents get that opportunity, and I know we're really lucky.

So how are we supporting World Children's Day? For the first time since Kendall Richardson was founded, our logo has turned blue, but I'm not feeling blue at all. Tonight, I'm picking Aaron up from school and we're having dinner together. It's a day for children after all.

UNICEF believes that every girl has the right to fulfil her potential, and the women on our team have certainly done that! Kendall Richardson was founded by Lynsey and Clare, both qualified accountants with years of experience in Chartered Accountancy and everyone her either has or is studying for accountancy qualifications.

Happy World Children's Day.

Sarah Hollywood
Accountant and Mum to three 🙂

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