Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) Contractor Returns

Your CIS returns need to be submitted on time every month

Do you enjoy the monthly chore of submitted CIS returns?

No? Save yourself the time and hassle

CIS Returns

If you are a contractor in the construction industry, HMRC requires you to disclose payments to subcontractors on a monthly CIS return.

We can assist with the online processing of the form to meet the deadline. If this is not met, a £100 payment is immediately imposed.

CIS statements of payments are also required to be given to subcontractors each month. We can provide these for each subcontractor.

Annual Tax Returns

We can also assist the subcontractor with their annual tax return. Many are keen to get their returns filed in April following the end of the tax year. We can assist with processing the returns quickly and accurately.

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Kendall Richardson LLP is regulated by the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers to carry out services in accordance with practice licence 17007. 

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